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New Projects

Limecut has undertaken a number of marine projects this year, including the refurbishment of MV Poseidon a 25 metre catamaran for the Quicksilver Group, the refurbishment of MV Scuba Pro 2 a 25 metre monohull live aboard dive boat for Pro Dive Cairns, and a complete major refurbishment of MV Reef King a 30 metre high speed catamaran ferry for the Quicksilver Group.

Client Satisfaction

The continued association between the Quicksilver Group and Limecut is testament of Limecut’s ability to deliver world class interiors on time and on budget. The recent refurbishment of Quicksilver V has been tremendously successful with extremely positive feedback from both the operator and the passengers. Click on the image of Wavepiercer and see the transformation from the old interior to the new.

News for 3D Models and Rendering

Recent developments in CAD software allows designers to create 3D models and high quality photorealistic images quickly and simply. Limecut offers affordable 3D modelling to improve the design process, assist in design development and provide a highly effective visual aid for clients.

Designer Sheila Sparks is proficient in 3D CAD software and photorealistic rendering. Her ability to combine her highly creative design skills with the latest software technology ensures continuity from commencement to completion.


Quicksilver V - click on image below to view gallery

Reef King: Images coming soon


Scuba Pro 2: Images coming soon

Limecut are leaders in commercial and marine interior design and employ a holistic approach to design – from creative concepts right through to specification, documentation and project management. Limecut’s National and International clients include Cruise Ship Operators, Navy Vessels, Fast Ferries, Super Yachts, Governments, Airports, Religous Buildings, Health Care, Hospitality and retail outlets.  
Limecut is a Quality Assured Supplier and has implemented AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 Standard.